Welcome to the present moment

"A gaze into the Cosmos"


July 15th to 30th 2021

Benot - Contemporary Art Gallery
No. 20 - Cuatro de Diciembre de 1977 Avenue.
  Cádiz - 11006 

Opening hours:

Concluded exhibition

If anything has characterized humanity since its earliest dawn, it has been its constant fixation on looking up at the sky.

Its sublime beauty and grandeur already touched the sentiments of primitive man.

His gods, his heroes and the rest of the forces that ruled his world lived in it, “it was the Netflix of the time.”

Even now, when science has unravelled a large part of these mysteries, who has not felt a brief moment of fascination when contemplating the sky on a starry night?

Awe continues to seize us when we gaze at the stars.


If there is any purpose that gives meaning to an artist’s work, it is precisely to provoke a reaction in his viewer, to persuade his mind. If I could choose the sensation that I would like to provoke in you through my work, it would be precisely this: amazement.


Astonishment at being face to face with creation itself: the cosmos.


A beautiful and majestic reality, from which we all come but whose presence we often forget.


A reality that allows us to look at our own existence from a very different perspective: time, concerns, human success and failure acquire their just importance.


In short, a reality that deserves to be made visible to all to remember the enormous privilege that implies, even for a short time, being part of sentient beings. Watch, be amazed, live.