Do you remember the feeling of contemplating the fire while still a child?

How did you feel when you saw the sea for the first time?

What about when you look at the sparkling summer night sky ?

NGC6611 – Messier16


Astonishment takes control in those moments.

You suddenly return to the present, to the here and now.

Our thoughts stop and autopilot disconnects.


Nature gives us every day the opportunity to surprise ourselves.

Sadly, in our day-to-day lives, our world shrinks, our vision is limited, and we overlook those opportunities.

What if you could open a window to the vastness?

I am Pilar Gógar, fine artist specialized in the Cosmos.

Through my work I try to capture this part of reality that we usually forget about. For me space is not only a source of beauty, but also it helps us to see life from another perspective.

I think both art and nature have the ability to fascinate us, to provoke that spark that brings us back to the present moment.

I work every day to unite these two wonderful worlds and bring them closer to your life.

Open a window to the cosmos– Official Heads Up list –

Art is a matter of patience and care so I release only a few works each year. My store usually opens once or twice a year. Would you like to know opening dates and available works in advance? Just pop your contact info below and I will let you know all the details prior the release! 

I care about privacy and disconnection so your details will remain private and I will only send you a message prior a flash sale (less than 5 mails a year). Thank you for your interest in art 🙂

Maybe you know how a new star emerges but,
would you like to know how a painting is born?